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 "Meet the Artists" Submission Form

(this is not Open Studios Form-scroll down to yellow form!)


If you'd like to have a listing on the "Meet The Artists" page of the website, please correctly fill out this form and submit it. 

You MUST complete the "Name", "Email", "Address", and "Description" fields.

PLEASE NOTE: the description field is limited to 100 characters. You can put any info in there that you want, but it must be brief.


If you'd like to have links to your website and social media accounts, you MUST submit the entire URL. 

To get the URL, open your social media page and copy the entire URL address. Paste that address into the appropriate data field on this form, otherwise it will not be added.


This is correct:

Website Address:

Instagram Address:

Facebook Address:

2nd Saturday Open Studios - APRIL 13, 2024
I am committed to staying open 11am- 3pm and will not close early.

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